Just like the debate between pancakes vs. waffles, the choice between buying vs. leasing a car comes down to your own personal tastes. While both options have various benefits-and you certainly can't go wrong with either-one may better suit your commuting needs around Vancouver, Battle Ground, and Brush Prairie.   

Enough food talk, though-our Vancouver Ford team explains below the differences between these two financing plans and what you can gain with either option.

Keep reading to find out!


Benefits of Buying a Car


Benefits of Leasing a Car


Eventual ownership


Lower payments


No mileage limits


Lower repair costs


Can customize your car


Drive a new car often


Leasing vs Buying a Car

The main difference between leasing vs. buying a car is the fact that buying a car means you are purchasing the vehicle to own, while a lease lets you essentially borrow the car from the dealership for a set number of years. Because of this difference, they each come with their own set of benefits. Let's see what those are!

Benefits of Buying a Car

Since buying a car means you'll get to eventually own it, there are many advantages you'll get to enjoy. Once you have paid off your loan, you'll be able to continue to drive your car for as long as you'd like without having to make any more monthly payments. You can even decide to sell it at any point if you'd like.

Also, buying a car means you aren't limited when it comes to mileage or customization. Accessorize your Ford to your liking to add more style or utility to your vehicle.

Benefits of Leasing a Car

Leasing a car potentially has the benefit lower payments upfront and from month to month. Since you are only driving it for the first few years of the car's life, maintenance costs are usually minimal too. Also, since leases last for just a few years, you'll get to drive a new car often. That means, you'll get to enjoy all the latest tech and features that have been added to incoming Ford vehicles.

Things to Consider

Do both options sound pretty good to you? To help you determine if you'd rather get one of our Ford lease deals or buy your Ford, here are a few things to consider when making your decision:

Your budget-If you want potentially lower payments, a lease might be the option for you. Although, if you want to have payments eventually end, buying a car is the long-term investment you'd want to go with.

Your daily commute-Are the office, grocery store, and your favorite restaurants all nearby? Then a lease may give you all the mileage you need. If you tend to head out further for weekend getaways, you might want to buy your Ford.

Changing needs-If kids are in your near-future plans or maybe they are soon leaving home for college, you may find that your vehicle needs change. With a lease, you can get the car you want now, then switch models in a few years to something larger or smaller, depending on your needs. Although, buying a car offers flexibility since you can put your current car's value toward the next ride you want.

Come Buy or Lease a Ford Today!

While we'll leave the choice of breakfast up to you, come by Vancouver Ford today and have one of our finance experts help you figure out which payment plan you'd prefer for your Ford.

Whether it's one of our Ford lease deals you want or you need help finding a loan, they can assist you today and get you behind the wheel of the Ford you want with comfortable financing! Then, you'll be off enjoying your new ride as you travel around Vancouver, Battle Ground, and Brush Prairie!

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